3CW - Pan's Perfect People

Wow! It is February half term already, half way through our year three journey!

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend parents afternoon or evening it was lovely catching up with you all to tell you about how well your children are doing in year 3. They are working hard and learning independent skills that enable them to deeper their understanding of the topics and subjects learnt. 

Our adventure stories are looking really good and when we return after the holidays we will be editing and improving these with our wow vocabulary. In writing we will be moving on to information texts which will see the return of the dragon!

In maths we will be looking at number and place value, addition and subtraction, fractions, properties of shapes. We will be looking at solving problems and thinking deeper.

Our topic work will continue in earnest looking at prehistory. We have already started looking at what life was like for the Stone Age people, we have made our own versions of Stonehenge and cave paintings. We will be investigating their homes next and considering how the Stone Age moved to the Bronze Age into the Iron Age.

Our art will see us weaving and making clay thumb pots, lots of skills, patience and resilience needed.

There will be lots of skills being developed this term and lots of consolidation of previous learning too, as always if you have any questions or queries we are on the playground after school.

Reading records have changed and you should all now have a new booklet with a book worm on the front. Over the half term please begin reading at least 5 times a week, research suggests that when children read to an adult for at least  15mins a day the vocabulary that is learnt and understood is significant and has a profound effect on the quality of writing that a child is then able to produce.

Please make sure that you are continuing to work on your Maths Explorer targets, reading your book regularly (remember the dojos) and completing your online tasks.