4K - Excellent Elephants

Summer Term in Year 4

As we have to expect to be continuing with our home education, Mrs Wason and Miss Kalirai have adapted the Summer Term to ensure as much as possible can be experienced at home.

We will be continuing with our history topic on Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.  In Geography, we shall be building on our learning from year 3 about grid references and exploring rivers.  We will be coding in ICT using a programme called Scratch.  We will be learning more about Creation in RE and researching Eco houses for DT.  We will look at the art of Andy Goldsworthy and learn about this artist and his influences.  We shall carry out our own creative work in his style.

It is important to remember that even though we are isolating, it is essential that we all stay fit and strong of mind and body.  

Mrs Wason and Mrs Kalirai will be posting a range of weekly Maths and English learning tasks on dojo as usual. 

As we all approach the latter part of year 4, we must make a huge effort to ensure that each of us  knows each of their tables facts and their related division facts and the next 200 high frequency words as this is a government target.