4KC - Excellent Elephants

Our English work this term is linked to our theme of Ancient Egyptians. We shall study the story of Isis and Osiris and find out why Isis went on a mysterious quest. We shall also look at newspaper reports and learn about the supposed murder of the young King Tutankhamun!

We will be using Power Maths to study topics which include multiplication and division, finding the area of rectilinear shapes, fractions and decimals.

For our theme work, we are really enjoying learning all about life in Ancient Egypt and comparing it to our own lives in the present day. We will be painting Egyptian gods, studying tomb paintings, creating images of pharoahs using our own photographs as well as making clay models of shabtis. In addition to this, the children will be collaborating to create death masks and collars.

In our science lessons, we are investigating states of matter: solids, liquids and gases.  We are looking at how these can change and how these changes can be reversible.  We will also be learning about the Water Cycle. 

 RE will involve us delving into the story of creation from the Bible and how we should care for our wonderful world.

We will continue to enjoy swimming sessions on Tuesday mornings and having fun in our dance lessons: creating our own dance sequences inspired by the Ancient Egyptians.

Year 4 are looking forward to working in partnership with Network Rail on a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) project. This will link in Madam McGinn's French topic about transport and travel.

In computing, we will be using the Numbers app for data collection and presentation.

The development of higher level reading skills remains a huge focus as does our ongoing PSHE work within the Jigsaw framework.


The Year 4 Team: Miss Kalirai, Mrs Wason, Mrs Capel, Miss Seals and Ms Lynch.