4KC - Hardworking Hobbits

Spring Term

As we settle into the new term we are finishing off our India topic with some exciting curry cooking. 4KC are being chefs and tasting, planning designing, making and evaluating our very own creations. The class curry we made (mushroom and chickpea) was very popular!

In science we are looking at the exciting topic of electricity. So far we have thought about pros and cons of fossil fuels and renewable fuels.We have also thought about electrical safety in the home. We'll go on to investigate and build our own circuits.

In English we have been looking at explanation texts and been using a shared text , "Why  Dragons Are Extinct". We are writing are very own versions at the moment.

In year 4 we have continued to swim each week and some of our children are lucky enough to be having a go at archery. By all accounts this is proving to be a very popular activity. We look forward to a fun filled and exciting spring term!

Autumn Term

We have had an exciting start to the year. The digestive system is our topic in science. Children have investigated different functions of teeth. We have also looked at the process of digestion in detail and have even made poo! This involved a lot of tights and potato mashers! Messy but good fun!

In our theme work we are focusing on India. We are looking at map reading and will go on to look at different aspects of Indian culture. We'll be doing sewing and cooking based on our topic.