4KR - Hardworking Hobbits

Ancient Egypt!

This is a history-based topic focusing on people, religions, food, art and animals in from an ancient civilisation.
Our art work will link to Egyptian tomb paintings and our music will take on an Egyptian theme as well. 

In Science this term, we are learning about electricity and states of matter. 
For the first half of this term, we are continuing to practise our swimming skills at Lonsdale Baths. 

Our Computing work this term is all about 'Information Technology.' This involves creating content for an audience, such as posters, graphs or charts. We will use the iPad app 'Pages' to practise digital literacy skills such as word processing and internet browsing.

In P.E., we are practising gymnastic skills and invasion games.

In PSHE, we will cover the topic of drugs, our goals and why it is good to be me! The children will have opportunities to reflect on their own strengths as learners using the concept of multiple intelligences. They will also explore how and why our feelings lead us to behave the way we do -- particularly the feelings of being excited, proud, surprised, hopeful, disappointed, worried and anxious.