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Welcome to Mr. Madher's Mad Hatters!


This half term we've been exploring fractions and bar modelling in Maths. We've also recently started collecting data and representing it in bar charts. 

In English, we've been innnovating The Magician's Shop. This is a fantasy setting story so we've been focusing on describing the settings using a variety of writers' tricks. 

We've started learning about sound in Science. We know that all sounds we hear come from vibrations and travel via sound waves. We watched this fun video...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A79r26c3CE8

In P.E. Mrs. Gallimore has been teaching us how to make our own gymnastic sequences and some of us have started basketball practise with the Derby Trailblazers.

We've done a little bit of Indian art, looking at animals. We've also been learning all about the festival of Diwali.

In R.E. we've studied the Islamic pilgrimage of Hajj and the Sikh pilgrimage of Yatra. We're about to begin learning our 'Understanding Christianity' unit on The Gospel.



We're well into the swing of Year 4 life now...

In English, we've moved on to stories from fantasy settings. Our poems are almost ready to go on display. The children have been fantastic at orally rehearsing!

In Maths, we've been learning a new method: expanded column subtraction. We've also done some work on telling the time and measuring lengths too. Please encourage your child to practise these skills at home. 

We're now assessing who will be coming swimming after half term and who will take part in our Derby Trailblazers basketball programme. Mrs. Gallimore has been helping us to build our fitness and stamina in P.E. lessons in school too.

We're learning about 'being me in my world' in PSHE lessons and we've also spent a lot of time working with children who we wouldn't normally choose to work with, doing teamwork activities and building stronger, more respectful relationships with the people in our classroom. - Still some more work needed here! 

We've learned about St. Bernadette in R.E. and the story of why people visit Lourdes in France to go on pilgrimage. - We'll soon be moving on to studying the Islamic pilgrimage of Hajj. 

We were thinking about the 'circle of life' and food chains in Science. We had a little burst of art too - looking at creating our own henna designs. We're also going to be thinking about animals that are indigenous to India. 

Parents of children in my class can find more regular updates on what we're up to on our Class Dojo Class Story.

Mr. Madher - The Mad Hatter




We've done a lot of assessments this week to find out where we're starting from and what we need to work on more.

In science we have been learning about the different types of human teeth and what their functions are.

In R.E. we're preparing for our church service all about harvest. - There'll be a song! 

We've got started with our Gold, Silver and Bronze swimming groups now - just need to perfect getting changed in the changing rooms quicker and more sensibly!

We're excited to meet our inspiring sportsperson, Kavin Batey!


Stay tuned for more...


Mr. Madher - The Mad Hatter