5G - Marvellous Manatees

Our Autumn term topic is "Groovy Greeks".  First of all, we will explore the ancient islands and mainland of Greece, looking at its inhabitants and varied geographical features.  We will then take an in-depth look at ancient Greece and how its legacy lives on today.

 Greek pottery will be the focus of our art and design and technology, where we will be designing and building a pot in the style of Ancient Greece using the coil method. These will then be decorated with scenes from across the Greek Empire, depicting: sports, gods and goddesses, and everyday life.

Science this term will focus on the different life cycles found amongst plants and animals, following this we will be learning about the properties of materials, specifically: reversible and irreversible changes.

For English we will be studying the Myths and Legend of Ancient Greece and create our own, equally intriguing tales of daring and victory, as well as reading the contemporary novel 'Who let the God's out'' by the author Maz Evans. We will also be learning about how to write an engaging information text, based upon one of the terrifying Greek mythical creatures.

 In RE we will be looking at how Christians believe that God is holy and loving?

 In PE we will focus on invasion games (netball/basketball) and gymnastics

 We are looking forward to an exciting and hard-working term.

Mrs.Williamson and Mr.Grant