6B - Adventurous Aliens


Welcome to the Autumn term!!

There are lots of activities planned for the children's first term in Year 6.

In English We will be revising a range of texts and children will be encouraged to reflect critically on the text and make comparisons between this text and others. Also, children will continue to practise their reading comprehension skills and their ability to read, analyse texts. We will be studying war poetry and Goodnight Mr Tom, linking to World War 2.

Children will be revising the four rules, money and real life problems, fractions, decimals and percentages. Investigations will also take place into data handling involving the analysis and construction of pie charts, line graphs and conversion charts. In addition, children will be developing their understanding of the properties of 2 and 3 D shapes. We will continue to develop our mental maths and improve times tables as well as independent targets.

In Science we will focus on Light and then Circuits. This will include lots of fun investigations and 'hands on' activities involving mirrors, torches and electricity.

Our RE topic will be looking at leaders. Who do we see as inspirational leaders in our lives today? Who do different religions recognise as leaders?

Our new topic is TIME TRAVELLERS!! We are going to travel through time to World War 2, including our trip to Beaumanor Hall, where we will be dressed as evacuees.