6M - Mischievous Macaws

The Mischievous Macaws have made a wonderful start to Year 6. 

Our topic this term is based on World War 2. We've been learning about how the war began, evacuation and rationing. Ihave some really exciting things lined up for this topic in the future! Our poetry work in English has linked to this as we've been studying emotive war poems. We applied our skills we learned in our Harvest church service by reading some haiku poems.

In our Power Maths lessons, we've completed our first unit on place value. We've moved on to the 4 main operations, revising different methods and discussing the most efficient ways of solving different problems. 

In R.E. we have been focussing on the topic of Incarnation; discussing whether or not Jesus is the Messiah. This is one of our 'Understanding Christianity' units and the children have really got to grips with some background stories, going centuries back in the Bible. 

Our Science learning has been all about light. We've learned about how light rays travel; how we can see things; how shadows work and how refraction makes things appear different to how they really are.

So far this term, we've already been on one trip to Lea Green where we got to enjoy a selection of team building exercises and we're also visiting Derby High School to watch their school drama production.

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Mr. Madher