6M - Mischievous Macaws

We're well in the swing of all things World War 2 now. We visited Beaumanor Hall to immerse ourselves into life as evacuees. 

In English, we created exploding book fact files about gas masks, rationing, evacuation and much more. Following on from this, we studied time travel stories, based on Pie Corbett's story, The Gas Mask.

In our Power Maths lessons, we've focussed heavily on fractions and we have also looked into geometry too. 

In R.E. we have been learning about what makes a leader worth following. This has given us the chance to look closely at people like Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousufzai and Obama as well as Guru Nanak, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Mother Teresa. 

Our Science learning has been all about electricity. We constructed an investigation about what affects the brightness of a bulb in a circuit.

We've looked at 'Celebrating Differences' in PSHE where we've talked about bullying, discrimination, racism, physical disabilities and stereotypes.

This half term, we've been lucky enough to visit Derby Theatre to watch A Christmas Carol; we've visited Derby High School to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we've even been out to Derbyshire Tennis Centre for a Festive Sports Festival.

Coming up in Spring Term 1 is more to do with World War 2; focusing more on the Holocaust...

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Mr. Madher