St Peter's School News

Derby County Community Trust

Published on 14 November 2018

Today we were visited at school by Derby County Community Trust to talk to us about anti-bullying and respect. We talked about respect in the home, at school, when playing team sports and when we are at the park. We discussed what happens in football matches if people are disrespectful, and we talked about yellow cards being used as a warning about behaviour and that a red card will be issued if we don't change our behaviour. 

We talked about figures of authority and that we need to listen to people who are there to help us. Teachers, parents, police etc. We watched a video that was about respect and how to be a great team player. 

We were reminded that if we feel that some people are bullying us then we need to talk to people who we trust, family, teachers and friends and that by doing so they can help us to sort the problem out.

We made promises to ourselves about how to make good choices and how to behave respectfully towards other people.