St Peter's School News

Jack and the Beanstalk

Published on 11 December 2018

On Tuesday 11th December the whole school went to the pantomime. "Oh no you didn't". "Oh yes we did!" 

For many children this was an adventure from start to finish, we left school  at just after 9 o'clock and arrived in time for the show starting at 10. We were introduced to many characters from the story Jack, Simon and their mum. The Baddy - "boo!" Cess Pitt, a giant, a king, a princess and a fairy to guide us through the story.

The story was fantastic and there were many 'best bits'. The children enjoyed the beanstalk growing out of the toilet! The characters in the neon lit books and the beanstalk to name but a few.

The children were absolutely brilliant and their behaviour was fantastic as we moved through the arena, and the pantomime. 

We will be doing follow up work in school over the coming days so take a look on the class work examples to see what your children have focused on.