St Peter's School News

Kelvin Batey International BMX rider visits school

Published on 28 September 2018

Our day started with each class taking part in the sponsored event where we all had to perform 4 exercises. These were:

Spotty Dogs, Mountain Climbers, Press Ups and Star Jumps.

Kelvin and the Sportivator were there to lead the exercises to music and encourage and motivate us to keep going. It was great fun!

After we had all successfully completed this, Kelvin talked to the whole school about his life, his dreams and the key to his success. He filled us with awe and wonder and encouraged us all to follow our dreams.

Kelvin showed us film footage of his World Championship win and photos of him at the age of 10 in his first major competitive BMX race.

He brought his medals with him, including his gold World Championship medal and racing shirt. Some of us even got to hold them and have a photograph taken with him!

Kelvin asked us all to write down one of our dreams and ambitions, to take it home and give it to a responsible adult and in a few years time to look at it and see if we have managed to achieve our goal.

Thank you Kelvin for a fabulous morning, and for inspiring us to follow our hopes and dreams, because everything is possible.