St Peter's School News


Published on 11 October 2019


Afternoon everyone,

Last night it was the AGM for our school's PTFA. Sadly, we haven't been able to form a committee due to lack of attendance and shows of help. If we don't get a committee together, the PTFA will fold and our children will be missing out. Unfortunately, the current PTFA is moving on as they no longer have children in the school. But, they have done a great job!

The PTFA makes a huge difference to ALL of the children in the school, meaning that they can enjoy extra-curricular activities along with new furniture and iPads and equipment to aid their learning, which otherwise the school just can't afford. (see published list on Class Dojo)

If you are interested in getting involved, please fill in a form on the PTFA stand while you are visiting the school for parents evening.

We can all help make our school a great one and a fun one for our kids!! Please get involved!