St Peter's School News

Y5/6 Sportshall Athletics

Published on 12 February 2019

A team of 23 Y5 and Y6 girls and boys competed in the Sportshall Athletics competition at Derby Arena. 

This is an exciting indoor athletics event which is very similar to our sports day only it is, as the name suggests, in the sportshall. 

All competitiors compete in a range of track and field events including, lap relays, 6 lap parlauf, hurdle and obstacle relays as well as the traditional 4 x 1 relays. The field events consist of soft javelin, chest pass, standing long jump and standing triple jump. speed bounce and vertical jump. 

Each competitior can take part in a maximum of 2 field and 2 track events. 

There were some very strong performances on both the track and in the field from our team, which everybody should be incredibly proud of. Also the level of support and sportsmanship for each other was terrific.

When the results had all been counted and verified we finished in a fabulous 4th place. Congratulations team, you all did yourselves proud!